Why become a member of the Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education?

  • Feeling isolated in your work and would like support?
  • Looking for the latest information, policies and laws that affect your job responsibilities?
  • Wanting to be involved with a national organization that provides a network of colleagues working in your field?

The Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education (the Society), formerly called Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation , offers members the opportunity to connect with state department of education personnel who are involved in school health initiatives across a wide spectrum. This enables members to have rich and meaningful discussions about health and physical education programming across the country. Further, the Society provides opportunities to stay current on what is happening in the environment and the policies and laws that impact Pre K-12 health and physical education as well as coordinated school health and the whole child approach. The Society offers its members a professional development network tailored to the needs of health and physical education professionals. The overall aim is to promote healthy students, healthy schools, and healthy communities.

Membership Categories and Dues

Membership Type Eligibility Voting and Leadership Membership Dues
(6/1/19 - 5/31/20)
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Any state department of education employee who works in health, physical education, and/or any component of coordinated school health or the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model (i.e., health education, physical education, health services, healthy physical environment and social and emotional climate, school nutrition services, school-site wellness, school mental health services, family engagement, and community involvement) is eligible for Professional membership. (District of Columbia and United States Territories are considered as individual states.) Can vote on official Society business and hold all positions of leadership. $75
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Any professional who is interested in the goals of the Society but does not work within a state department of education is eligible for Associate membership. Associate members may work for state departments of health or other state agencies, federal governmental agencies, national non-governmental organizations, local education agencies, universities, and companies that support health and physical education programs in schools. Cannot vote on official Society business---may serve as Secretary, Treasurer, or Member-at-Large and have voting privileges on the Board of Directors. $75
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Any Society member, in good standing for at least ten consecutive years, who has retired from his/her position is eligible to apply for Retired membership status. Same members have the same privileges as a professional member. $75
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Any Society member in good standing who has served the Society for at least ten consecutive years and has retired from the State Department of Education is eligible to be considered for the Emeritus membership status award. Same privileges as a professional member, with a lifetime exemption of paying dues. $0

For further information about membership, contact either Pat Stewart (Treasurer) or Fran Meyer (Executive Director) at info@thesociety.org