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January 15 Audio Conference for HHS and ED Collaborating to Better Connect Health and Education Services for Youth

The links below are two documents associated with the Friday, January 15th audio conference with Acting Secretary of Education John King, Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Mary Wakefield, and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. The first attached document is the action-oriented letter sent to state chief school officers, state health officials and state Medicaid directors, as well as to governors. The second document is the toolkit, Healthy Students, Promising Futures; both were released that day. The subject for this audio conference was “HHS and ED Collaborating to Better Connect Health and Education Services for Youth.”

NCCSHS organizations were well represented: NCCSHS Co-chair Donna Mazyck was a featured speaker as the Executive Director of the National Association of School Nurses, and Rochelle Davis, President and CEO of the Healthy Schools Campaign, also spoke, citing the work of the National Collaborative on Education and Health. The American Association of School Administrators’ (AASA’s) efforts to expand Medicaid and CHIP enrollment in schools were cited as a major example of a high impact opportunity. In addition, school-based health centers were mentioned and NCCSHS member and ING co-leader Claudette Fette asked an important question. In addition, CDC’s School Health Branch played a major role in the production of the toolkit.

HHS-ED Healthy Learner Letter 2016.pdf
Healthy Students Promising Futures.pdf

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The PEP grants have been posted in the federal register as well as the application which you can locate here:
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